Sunday, 8 July 2012

The month of July

This month at Bubby's Bott I have been a bit like a duck on water.... Everything seems Calm and as if not much is going on, but underneath it all I have been all systems go working on some very special events! The first of which comes on Wed July 11!!!! 

This day is the MCN 'pretties' sell/buy/swap facebook groups Showcase Give Away!!!! I have made a very special nappy for this which will be the launch of a new line of Nappies for Bubby's Bott. After searching high and low trying to get an image digitized for my embroidery machine, I finally found a lovely lady who was able to do this for me! I was very relieved... On the day I have been allocated an hour to do as I please advertising Bubby's Bott in their group, But even though its only 2 days away, eeek! I still don't have everything sorted out for it... Good job I didn't have to submit photos of the extra items early :)

The following day is a Lovely online market that I have been involved with since the beginning. the Little Acorns Market has become my online Home! All of the girls involved have become like sisters to me, we share all of our ups and downs and help each other through anything that life throws at us! Boy am I proud to know these ladies, They are so very talented in each of their fields and I aspire to be more like them!

Little Acorns Market is on Thursday Night (July 12) I have completed 3 new items for this market and I have one in stock item that I am listing also. 
One of these nappies almost got the best of me but I kept going and the result is quite spectacular... even if I do say so myself :) 
Through being involved in this group I have become more confident with my work and I believe that it is starting to show through my nappies.... Although it is easy to stick with what you know... I am now pushing myself to try new things and I am even surprised with the results.

Then finally for this month on the 29th of July is the WAHM Delights market night! This is my first time doing this online market... I have to do two nappies for this market night, I have already decided on 1 nappy but the other nappy.... well now I'm not so sure about it! I tried something and it didnt work, so its back to the drawing board with it :) As you can tell I haven't got myself all hyped up about these items yet... Thats because I have been head down Bum up in the other 2 projects! But once Thursday night has passed I am sure that my excitement will grow :)

I seem to do all my greatest things at the last minute.... I guess that's just how my brain likes to work. But I have now got a much stronger passion for what I do and that is mostly due to my new friends :)

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  1. You are an amazingly talented woman and I have especially loved watching you bloom over the past few months!! I cant wait to receive my first Bubby's Bott custom and look forward to being friends with and working with you for many years to come. You are amazing <3